Liberty Tree Monthly Gun Swap

BUY what you need and SELL what you don’t!

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The Liberty Tree Gun Swap is a popular buy, sell and trade, meetup that is held on the second Thursday of the month (most months…double check to make sure it’s happening this month).

The Swap is located inside Liberty Tree Guns at 530 W FIR RD, Carthage, MO (across from Lowe’s) from 5PM-7PM.

Private Sellers Only. Free Admission.

What is the Liberty Tree Gun Swap?

Attendees may bring privately owned firearms and firearms related items for sale or trade.


  • This is NOT a gun show. FFL dealers are not permitted. This event does NOT affect in any way the laws governing private gun sales.
  • ALL visible firearms must be checked at the door and zip tied.
  • No loose ammo.
  • All items must be firearms or hunting related.
  • Sales must be for personal use or collecting purposes only.
  • All transactions will be between private sellers. Sellers and buyers are responsible for staying compliant with the law.
  • This is a family friendly event. If your behavior is anything less, you will be asked to leave.
  • Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.