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Unlimited Power! – The Magnums

Recently we did an article on Common Handgun Caliber/Ammunition power levels, and we have also discussed revolvers in the past.  But it began to gnaw because it seemed like those efforts were not thoroughly thorough.  I would...

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So what’s so great about the .45 ACP?

Intro: What caliber a person feels is the “best” for any  particular usage in a handgun is a very complicated and touchy subject for firearms geeks.  It is also a potentially confusing topic to those who are just getting into...

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Revolver Rundown

More elegant weapons for simpler times?  Semi-auto pistols get most of the love and a lot of the ink these days.  With their (typically) higher capacity, lighter weight, faster reloads and positively staggering amount of choice...

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Which type of gun owner are you?

There are many different types of firearm enthusiast, you may fit into several types or be a blend what is often not realized is that you can’t paint all gun owners with the same brush. We are not all same as everyone else who...

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Pump Shotgun History and Demystifier

A shotgun is a simple, yet versatile tool.  Shotguns differ from rifles in their lack of …rifling.  Rifling are spiral grooves cut into the inner surface of a gun barrel that impart a spin on a single solid projectile and...

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Choosing Suitable Self Defense Calibers

What is the best caliber/chambering for your self defense handgun?  The debate will never end, but we can shed some light on the choices.   In a semi-auto handgun your choices are going to come down to .380, 9 mm, .40, &...

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